Florian Geiss and his studio team collaborate with motivated creatives and producers to create catching images suitable to each brand.
Florian is not only working as a photographer, but also as a film director/DOP.
With his team he manages a fast moving turnout of photo & film and reacts as flexible as possible on clients requirements.
Longtime experience in the industry has brought together people in his crews who live and work for strong images - and the inspiration by sharing ideas.



Florian and his teams shoot international campaigns and image pools for companies all over the globe.
In the past years Florian did numerous shoots where he photographed and filmed the images at the same time.
Because of his experienced technical skills Florian is able to shoot both media on the same set - of the same scene. There is no more gap between the still and film execution of a brand. The creative equality of both is outstanding.


We support the client in all issues; from developing the idea to calculate the project efficiently  we are planning & organising the entire shoot. Casting & booking models, scouting & booking locations, providing crew, catering, writing schedules.

If needed we take care of the retouchment of images with our post-producer, editing the film, implementing music & sound to support the film acoustically and give it further emotion and „life“. The project is in our hands from A-Z.



We work internationally, wherever our clients want us to shoot or where the layout requires it. We have worldwide contacts to local production companies who can support us with our needs and wishes and understand the quality Florian stands for.



We work in small teams with freelancers such as stylists, hair & makeup artists, assistants, local producers and their crews. People we know well and have experiences since years – all working on the same goal to create touching images.



Due to the overall package with all the above mentioned support, the client has not only a financial benefit, but through the simultaneous realization of photo and film he gets a strong equality of the look of both media that increases the recognition of his ideas and intentions to his customer clearly at his media touchpoints.

For sure we still enjoy to shoot still or film only - just ask us about !


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