"In my opinion, particular significance is attached to those photographic works which open up new perspectives on dignitiy and vulnerability of man. Florian Geiss succeeds with his pictures."
F.C. Gundlach 

"He is truly amazing. I love his photos ! So well done."
Timea Sepsi, Molson Coors Beverage Company 

"The shoot turned out really great am I am particularly fan of the videos that Florian shot !"
Michele Dabaghian, MiskCity

"... we were able to create very good creations ( moving images and static) with his material, The atmosphere, the naturaless and the relaxed atmosphere are absolutley positive. You and your team did an excellent job. It often fails because of this, as many shootings seem staged. This is not the case at all with your material in film and photo."
Albrecht Schneider, BeamSuntory 

„...I had the opportunity to work with Florian and I've discovered he is one of the greatest. Probably the best in "lifestyle" pictures. It is clear that a good casting, good production, good locations and the best natural light is needed to get the best picture, but that applies to any photographer. What is different is that he brings out the best of himself and the best of all the people he has in front. He manages to do that by being in continuous contact with the actors and shooting with the best weapon: "patience“. But there's more ... what makes him truly exceptional could be explained as follows: Florian is invisible!!!. He is very close to the action, but so close that he becomes transparent to the models. They do not see him. And so, they are so comfortable and free that it seems that no one is taking pictures of them. It is in that precise moment when fantasy and magic arises.“  
Jose Samsot, Creative Director BBDO Barcelona

 „I had a chat with the creative. He was very grateful and touched to see all the layouts you sent. He says that everyone from agency and client is so happy with the images.“
Allan Gu, BBDO, Shanghai

„That was a great story that we put together and you were such a great team. A full point landing: content, working wise , human.“
Jan Adolph, MEIKO, Offenburg

„A very uplifting feeling – really great photos & movie.“ Dr. Stefan Scheringer, MEIKO, Offenburg


„It was such a pleasure working with you & hope we can do so very soon. Thanks so much for your talent & wonderful energy.“
Laura Chenault, Possible Worldwide, NY


„The image pool looks great and our client was so happy and impressed of your work. It was a great experience working with someone like you who knows what he is doing.“
Hesham Ezzat, Leo Burnett, Dubai

„I want to say big thanks to you and your team for a job very well done, especially one a very tight timeline. The new visuals really reflect the spirit of the new brand essence.“
Daniel van den Broucke, Publicis, Belgium


„Dear Florian Geiss. You have proofed againgst all  prejudices that a photographer can also direct and work as a camera man as a multitalent. Thank you and your team to perform photo & film with a high ridge of professionalism and perseverance.“
Stefan Didt, Bitburger Breweries


„It was perfect – the best shooting I had in my career: the selection – well done, the look is great fun, we are very happy. Thanks for your patience and commitment.“
Marcin Baba, Scholz & Friends, Zurich

  „The campaign is rolling out. Everybody is loving what we did. Thanks for all the great work.“
Hill Cheuk,, Walt Disney


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